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Lamentation of the Dream Un-winged

From a distance, Dream watched Man staring out at his tiny window, gazing unseeingly at the clouds almost completely concealing the rising moon, sadness hugging him tightly. The soft breeze was sighing, and the crickets were eerily quiet.


Dream’s heart went out to Man, despite himself. After all, they used to be inseparable, the best of friends. A tear threatened to fall down Dream’s cheeks, which he was quick to control. He was surprised to find that it was such an effort to fight off his tears.


“Ah, my friend,” Dream whispered through the air. “It saddens me to see that the bright light you once had has considerably dimmed. I would so much want to comfort you, if I could. But I need comforting, too. Because like you, I am also feeling wretched, for I failed to become what destiny designed me to be.”


Dream paused, feeling silly. He knew Man couldn’t hear him. But then, he thought he saw Man look in his direction, but maybe he didn’t.


After some time, Dream continued with his anguished whispering.


“I feel bad that you failed, because your failure is mine, too. But what can I do? I did everything to steer you in the right direction. I made myself your inspiration, your driving force. I always accompanied you in your youth; I used to sit by your side as you planned your moves back when you still thought that the future looked so bright. Wasn’t I the one who kept whispering in your ears to keep going whenever you were down? I held the torch for you every time you walked along dark alleys.



“We were such a team. We could have reached very far. Yes, I had no doubt about that, especially when you cloaked me with hope and armed yourself with potential. I thought we would soon take off. And I believe we would have made it, if only you didn’t back out at the last minute; if only you didn’t chain yourself and me to your fears.


“If only you let me spread my wings across the vast sky. We could have reached very far, because I was meant to fly, to soar. I was meant to grow up and transform into reality. But you didn’t let me. Instead, you un-winged me. Look at me, look at me. Look and see how shattered I’ve become, with my wings now broken and useless.”


Then, losing his control, Dream let out his anguish, as rivers upon rivers of tears flowed down his cheeks. Outside, there was still an eerie stillness. The wind refused to move, and the leaves were afraid to stir. The crickets had gone to sleep. The moon was still hidden behind the dark clouds, afraid to shine.


Then there was lightning, followed by a loud thunder. It was Dream howling.


//Sherma E. Benosa

20 June, 2008; 10:46pm




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6 comments on “Lamentation of the Dream Un-winged

  1. virtualfriend
    July 1, 2008

    Suffering from a terrible headache since yesterday, this music came thru the radio last night while I’m reading this post (and all other posts around).

    The lyrics seem to relate:

    …And when one of us is gone
    And one of us is left to carry on
    Then remembering will have to do
    Our memories alone will get us through
    Think about the days of me and you
    Of you and me against the world…

    Nice reflection Buddy.

  2. rainforestrobin
    July 2, 2008

    Boy, this is certainly a powerful and unique

  3. rainforestrobin
    July 2, 2008

    Oops! That first comment got away from me….Let me start again.

    This is certainly a powerful and unique way of expressing what our dreams might feel when we abandon them….how a part of ourselves might feel when we abandon our dreams,,ourselves. VERY powerfully written. As if dreams are a life force of their own. I like that and find it to be true. They are inspirations that come to us from the Universe, from our hearts, from the Creator, from Life, but it is up to each one of us to reach out, grab the dream and LIVE it. You are very wise and see deeply into life. Thank you my dear friend. RainforestRobin

  4. brainteaser
    July 2, 2008

    Hello VF… I can’t remember the title and the tune of that song, Buddy. Care to hum to me? 😉

    Hi ROBIN!

    Sometimes, I think they are like faith; they give birth to hope.

    Sometimes, I think they are hope themselves.

    Sometimes, I think they are the child of hope.

    But definitely, they are the twin of inspiration.

    They are the burning torch that light our dark paths.

    They are powerful; they can change us if we give them wings and let them soar.

    They need to be free so they can set us free.

    Because if we cage them, they die. And with them, we die too.

    Love you both!

  5. Ashley
    July 3, 2008

    Wow this is so powerful and awesome…

  6. brainteaser
    July 3, 2008

    Hi Ashley!

    Welcome here, my friend… Been to your place. Awesome.

    And thanks…. very much.

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