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I just so love kids. I enjoy being with them. I love how they view the world. How innocent. How simple. Amazing!


Whenever I am home, I am always surrounded with my little cousins and nephews and nieces.  


Where I am staying, I have two lovely kids (my neighbors’) who just love coming up to my room to play, or to simply spend some time with me. They are so cute and so fun, I always allow them inside even when I am busy.


I always enjoy their company. They make me laugh. Hard.


I also like how they make me feel. Just like yesterday. I felt as though I was some beauty queen from heaven.


Because I have been staying at home since I resigned from my fulltime job in September, I did not have lots of occasion to dress up. So I had been back to my old jeans-and-shirt or shorts-and-spaghetti-strapped-blouse self. But yesterday, I decided to wear the still unused skirt and blouse I bought months before. I thought the ensemble was smashing.


And I think I’m right, judging from the reaction I got from my five-year-old friend, Tricia. As I was descending the stair, she cried: “Wow! Ang ganda mo, ate Sherma!” (Wow, you look so beautiful, Ate* Sherma!).


My heart did a somersault, of course! Kids don’t say those things when they don’t mean it, do they? I smiled at Tricia who was looking at me with admiring eyes, said “thank you” and left, feeling every bit the beautiful lady Tricia said I was. 😉


I met up with my friend, Salve, and her friend who is also now my friend, Jane. The three of us attended a workshop on writing for children. The workshop was fun, and we learned a lot. (Will share the things I learned from the workshop in a separate post next week for those who want to dabble in children’s lit.)


When I got home at night, tired and feverish, Tricia, who was sitting next to her dad who came to fetch her and bring her home (to Bulacan), again said, “Wow, ang ganda mo talaga, Ate Sherma!” (You really are beautiful, Ate Sherma) with the same conviction she had earlier. Then, she quickly stood up, moved even closer to her dad, and, in one fluid motion, covered her dad’s eyes with her hands, saying: “Tatakpan ko ang mga mata mo. Para hindi mo makita si Ate Sherma. Ang ganda niya eh.” (I’m gonna cover your eyes so you won’t see Ate Sherma because she’s so beautiful.)


Ah, some kid, this one. She made my day. I still can hear the laughter that rang out after her ‘pronouncement’. And I still laugh out loud every time I remember it.



Ate /a-te/ is a Tagalog honorific word used when talking or referring to an older female; literally, it means ‘big sister’.



12 comments on “Kids!

  1. virtualfriend
    July 21, 2008

    Ang ganda mo ‘Ate’ng, penge ng singko


  2. totaltransformation
    July 21, 2008

    “I just so love kids. I enjoy being with them. I love how they view the world. How innocent. How simple. Amazing!”

    For me it depends on the age. Between the ages of 2 and 5, yes. Between the ages of 0-2 and 5 -18, no thanks. 😉

  3. Ashley
    July 22, 2008

    I love kids too… and unlike John I love most kids… the ages I have trouble with are 10-18 lol… but under 10 they still have most of their innocence and are adorable LOL

  4. tomachfive
    July 22, 2008

    Yes, she tells the truth.

  5. raft3r
    July 22, 2008

    kids are awesome
    i got 2 cute as a button nieces
    and i love them dearly
    lahat ng shopping ko d2 puro para sa kanilang dalawa lang
    ganon sila kalakas sakin
    i miss them like crazy

  6. sonnetshaven
    July 22, 2008

    You made me miss my daughter. I wish I could head home now hehe:) Kids are heaven sent and I wish they could remain that way (their height and age. As in wala nang grownups) so that there would be more angels in our surroundings:)

  7. brainteaser
    July 22, 2008

    Heyyo friends! Good afternoon y’all! 😉 (Got that y’all expression somewhere. VF, Ashley, and TotalTransformation should know where, hehehe).

    Yay! I’m ecstatic to see you here, TT ;-)! Been seeing you in other friends’ blogs. I’ll include you in my blogroll, okei? (Say, yes!) 😉

    Heheh. I don’t mind the kids’ age. I can adjust accordingly. I love hearing teenagers talk about their crushes and all, (although I know many parents find it difficult to deal with teenagers). It’s the HORMONES, that’s all. (I think. 😉 )

    Hey Ashley! Yey, I’ve read somewhere in your blog that you love kids. They ARE adorable.

    Rafter! Nieces pa lang yan ha? How much more pag kids mo na? Me too, I’m missing my nephews. Ah, I wanna go home now!

    TOM! I thought so! 😉 Nyehehehehe

    SONNET, dearreee! Yay, go girl! Uwi na! Hehehehe

  8. brainteaser
    July 22, 2008

    Oh, and VF! Hahahaha. Kelan yung Poinsettia, Buddy? Hmp, kaw din….

  9. totaltransformation
    July 22, 2008

    “I’ll include you in my blogroll, okei? (Say, yes!)”

    How could I say no? So I say, yes. 😉

  10. Salve
    July 23, 2008

    kids! they’re my favorite people!


  11. virtualfriend
    July 23, 2008

    Ei Buddy, do you really want a Poinee now? I can always fed-ex one hehehe.

    Careful, this is a no-return, no-exchange kid. 😛

  12. brainteaser
    July 23, 2008

    Thankie, John!

    Yay, Salve. Tama ka diyan.

    Eh, VF? Fed-exed kid? Kaloka. 😉

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