BrainTeaser | Sherma E Benosa

Life is a puzzle; we are the clues, and God is the answer.


When we give our souls some wings, they will surely soar, up above the clouds, to the stars, to the heavens, and to dimensions beyond the reach of time. My soul is here, with me, yet it is really gone. It’s somewhere beyond the depths of the deepest sea, above the highest mountain, in a plane indefinable by me.


//Sherma E. Benosa

08 May 2008; 2:25pm



2 comments on “Winged

  1. Jim
    May 9, 2008

    hello there. just dropping by! nice poem(?)….:D

  2. brainteaser
    May 16, 2008

    Hi Jim! How are you?

    Hmmm… dunno what it is. Hehehehe. I just call it a “line.” Hehehehehe

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