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Remembering the Fall of Bataan

bataan-shrineToday is the Fall of Bataan, and tomorrow is the 67th anniversary of the start of the tragic Death March.

During the past weeks, I spent some time reading several books on the defense of Bataan and Corregidor during the Second World War for my articles for Manila Times (Bataan Rising) and, God, it was very difficult to stop the tears rolling down my cheeks.

Friends, let us all bow down our heads and pray for the heroes of Bataan, and thank them for fiercely defending our freedom.

To our war veterans — living and dead — our great salute to you, Sirs/Madams. And to everyone who suffered from the Japanese atrocity, please know that I share your pain.


As a Bataan Day special, please let me lead you to my article on Bataan. It’s posted on my main website because I couldn’t seem to arrange the pictures properly here. Please click HERE.  //Photo by Sherma E. Benosa


One comment on “Remembering the Fall of Bataan

  1. dmbaldwin
    April 12, 2009

    I just finished reading “Ghost Soldiers” and watching the movie based on the book, “The Great Raid”. I couldn’t agree more with your words.

    Thank you,


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