BrainTeaser | Sherma E Benosa

Life is a puzzle; we are the clues, and God is the answer.

Kaya Pala!

A piece of the puzzle fits; understanding finally dawns. “Kaya pala…”

Someone sheds light on an issue, and finally we get a glimpse of the other aspects of things which we couldn’t see before. “Kaya pala…”

Kaya pala. Such a lovely phrase. It speaks of enlightenment, of finally seeing that which remained obscure for sometime.

It is also a phrase of admission, that before, there were things that we couldn’t see, which now, thankfully, we see rather clearly.

Kaya pala. How many times have I exclaimed it? Countless already. But every time I am gifted with the chance to exclaim it, I am always awed at the wonder of it.

I say kaya pala and I wonder…

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