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An Open Letter to Humanity

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Dear Humanity,  ; 


I know that there are times when you think and feel that you are utterly alone; that no one cares. But that is not entirely true, you know that. Someone up there is always watching over you, crying with you as you shed your tears, and whose heart bleeds as yours break into pieces. 

He would rather not put you through anything that would make you sad; He would rather carry your load than give so you much burden. If only it weren’t necessary that you must walk on unpaved roads strewn with humps and holes of different sizes and shapes; if only it weren’t important that you must stumble from time to time, He wouldn’t put you through things that would make you — and Him — cry. 

But you must go through both good and seemingly bad things, my friend. You must sail on stormy seas so that you’d appreciate better the dawning of a sunny day and the sighting of an island. Like a clay pot that must be molded to be shaped, and fired to become strong, you must go through different challenges so that you might understand and grasp me.  

I say it again: you are never alone. The Father above has sent me — among others — to be with you always, to walk with you in your every step, to guide you, to help you, to make you stronger, to keep you going. 

Look at me, friend, for I am always with you, whether you see me or not, whether you choose to grasp me or not. I am in everything that happens in your life: in your every success and in your every failure. 

I am one of the reasons why things happen in your life; the answer to some of your questions. I am the reward that wipes off your tears, the gift that warms your heart. 

Come, try to grasp me, my friend. Come, hold my hand. Do walk on. With me.  ;

For I am, .


Life’s Lessons.;


//Sherma E. Benosa
29 December 2007; 11:10am


4 comments on “An Open Letter to Humanity

  1. lovewillbringustogether
    March 20, 2008

    On behalf of (this part of) Humanity…

    I Thank you for actually saying it for those who, until now, could not hear it 🙂

    love ❤

  2. brainteaser
    March 20, 2008

    hello, lovewillbringustogether

    Thank you to you, too. 🙂
    God bless! 🙂

  3. RainforestRobin
    April 12, 2008

    You have such a unique spirit and voice. It is uninhibited, soothing and yet direct….and full of life I really enjoyed this piece. Have you ever thought of publishing some of your work? These pieces would make a nice inspirational collection. Your writing is like fresh summer rain. I really enjoy it. It seems to revive and bring me back to the truth in my own heart. I really appreciate that. Thank you.

  4. brainteaser
    May 7, 2008

    Hello Robin! You humble me. Coming from an author like yourself, I take it as a great compliment.

    Thank you always.

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