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Life is a puzzle; we are the clues, and God is the answer.

The Rolling Stone



“Rolling stones catch no moss,” my father always reminds me every time I tell him of my plans to resign from my current job for another.  

Dad always supports my decision, but as a father, he feels compelled to remind me of the things I might be forgetting. Often, we would discuss the pros and cons of my plans and end up agreeing. But not before we tease each other at length. The last time we talked about my resigning from my job in 2004, he again quoted that cliché he loves drumming into my head. That time, I answered, “at least they can go somewhere probably better.” Dad simply laughed, and called me “pilosopo nga ubing.”  

But now I wonder what Dad would have said had I answered, “Dad, what made you think I’d like to collect mosses?”  I guess the discussion would have been much longer.  

Mosses for me are a sign of stagnation, of being in one place too long that one accumulated only the things that came one’s way. If I were a stone, I think I would want to be moss-free, to be rolling whenever I feel like it. I see myself as very rough at the start but would become smoother and smoother as I roll along unpaved highways and swim with or against the flow of life’s rivers.  

The smoothing process would surely hurt. Like a clay pot that must be spun to be shaped and burnt to become strong, the stone that is me would also be thrust into necessary frictions until I become smooth enough in the eyes of The One shaping me.  

Right now, I am still rolling this way and that. And as I do, I hope that the frictions of my experience will help me become a better person.  For if not to become better, to be polished and molded into the shape He had in mind for me, what on Earth am I here for?   


I look forward to hearing Dad defend his moss-covered stone. I wonder what meaning he would ascribe to the moss. Hmmm…   


//Sherma E. Benosa

12 December 2007; 11:58pm


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