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Thy Footsteps, My Guide (Poetry for Dad)


In this life, I had your footsteps to guide me through;

From them, through them, Father, I saw

The road you took, hard and long; your progress, slow;

Grueling was your journey; that I now know.


Up to the crossroads, your footsteps took me, Father

And I noticed, your footsteps spent a long time there;

They found it hard to decide which way to proceed

Would it be left or right; or how about straight ahead?


They took the left path, their steps tentative; then up ahead

I heard a screech as a sharp brake then a U-turn they made;

Then to the crossroad, slowly they made their way back

Contemplating, hoping, that better would be the other path.


The right trail, after much thought, they decided to try

There was so much to see there, so much to find;

But soon they realized, the path was leading them

Nowhere near where they stored their dream.


To go back and try the other way was the right thing to do,

They thought; but it was already too late to do so, they knew;

So instead, they moved forward, trying to find the good thing

That the journey that they pursued could bring.


I know, thy footsteps faltered several times; I did hear their cries;

Stumbling, I heard them groan; and those sounds are their sighs.

But I am proud to see they continued with their trek, still;

Inch by inch they moved, now there’s the finish line; they’re near.


Right there are your footsteps now; Oh, I see them clearly

Still moving onward, though now, rather more slowly;

Seeing that plateau they’ve reached; please let me tell thee

The road you’ve taken was tough, but tougher are you, Daddy.


Look at the humps your footsteps had to pass through along the way

Not tripping over those monsters, good at dodging they must be, I say;

The good maneuvers they’ve done; the curves they’ve straightened

Oh, for those who might follow thee, the road they’ve smoothened.


This journey of yours, I know it’s not easy, Daddy

But look where your small steps brought you and me;

The tears you shed, the beads of sweat you let drop

Please know, Father, that they won’t be for naught..


And now, at that very same crossroad you once crossed, I stand

Trying to decide which way to take; please do understand

Your path I might not take; that you know, don’t you Daddy?

Still, I ask thee to bless me; that fruitful my journey will be.


For my father, my guide, my hero Manuel D. Benosa, Sr. who’s celebrating his 57th birthday on March 20.


//Sherma E. Benosa

12 July, 2006; 11:40pm


4 comments on “Thy Footsteps, My Guide (Poetry for Dad)

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  2. Cliff
    March 18, 2008

    like father-like daughter Buddy? ‘Don’t think so!


  3. cora
    March 19, 2008

    Hello girl! just blog hop hop in here doing my daily routine and have a good day.

  4. brainteaser
    March 20, 2008

    Hello my Buddy! How art thou? 🙂

    In some aspects, yes; in other aspects, no. 🙂

    Hello Cora. Have a good day to you too! 🙂

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