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The Parable of the Spectacles

“Why are you back?” The store-owner exclaimed when he saw Magico, the magic spectacles, back on his display shelf. He had just sold it to an odd couple — a pessimist and a dreamer. “Your new owners must be looking for you!”


Magico simply dropped his gaze.


The store owner’s brows creased. “What’s wrong, Magico? You look so sad. Did your new owners mistreat you?” he asked softly, opening the display cabinet. He took out the magic spectacles and made it sit on the glass top, facing him.


Magico shook his head. “No master,” he replied softly. Beads of tears were slowly forming around its framed eyes.


“Then why did you leave them? What happened?”


“Well, Master,” Magico sighed. “The dreamer put me on. Then he exclaimed, ‘Oh, how lovely everything is. Beautiful clouds across a clear blue sky, smiling flowers and swaying leaves, vast oceans, captivating sunset and sunrise, spellbinding moon, twinkling stars… ah! How beautiful earth really is.’”


“So? What’s wrong with that?” The brows creased deeper.


“I don’t know, Master. It just made me very sad. I thought it was sad that even with me on him, he still couldn’t see everything. He was only able to see the beautiful things, not the bad.




“So,” Magico gestured helplessly, “it means he thinks he lives in a perfect world. Even with his sharpened vision, he still couldn’t see the troubles of this world. That means he never will. So he will never be able to address them.”


The master touched his chin with his right hand.


“Then,” continued Magico. “the pessimist put me on and exclaimed, ‘Moon? Captivating sunrise and sunset? Twinkling stars? My, you must be on to your pathetic dream again! I don’t see anything across the sky. All I see are the blackish clouds threatening to fall. And the flowers, the leaves… what’s so special about them? Can’t you see they will eventually wilt? Pathetic, that’s what life on earth is!”


“Oh, so they quarreled?” The master exclaimed. “Is that why you left them?”


“I don’t know if they quarreled, Master,” Magico shook his head. “I left them as soon as I heard them exclaim those things. I realized I’m of no use to them. Sure, I could make their visions clearer, I could sharpen their eyes, but I can never make them see the world as it really is. I can never widen their perspective nor inject understanding into them.”



//Sherma E. Benosa

24 July 2008; 11:30





Be-spectacled Me


My vision is now clearer. I now recognize faces even from afar. I am still adjusting with my improved vision, and with my little spatial disorientation. But I am hoping that in due time, I’ll get used to my additional eyes, unlike how I never got used to my spectacles the first time I was prescribed corrective eyeglasses in 2004. My vision then was -50/-75; now it’s -150/-200!


Unlike before, I now have to use my glasses all the time, and not just when I read. And this time, I really have to religiously do it, if I want to slow down the degradation of my vision. Ah, the price of stubbornness!


As I was walking to the taxi stand from the ‘eye center’, feeling a little dizzy, I told my self: “How nice it is to really see things as they are — their details, their colors.” And I wondered how I had managed to live during the past three years with my blurry vision (although it wasn’t as bad then as it is now).


As I walked, a thought hit me: will my improved vision also improve my perspective on things?  The above is the answer to this thought. Please tell me what you think.



12 comments on “The Parable of the Spectacles

  1. sonnetshaven
    July 25, 2008

    I think Tasya Fantasya’s spectacles would be perfect for the dreamer:)

  2. sonnetshaven
    July 25, 2008

    I think Tasya Fantasya’s spectacles would be perfect on the dreamer:)

  3. virtualfriend
    July 25, 2008

    Uh-ow. I hope you were not just “groping” before…

    Use VCO Buddy, ‘makes your vision twinkling clear.

    Anong say mo Tonette? 🙂

  4. totaltransformation
    July 26, 2008

    An interesting parable. I never heard it before.

  5. catchthevision
    July 26, 2008

    I really like these thoughts Sherma – as ever!

    It can be unfashionable to see reality, rather than the dream created by the consumer market that we often live in. Talking with a fiend on the river bank this morning while walking our dogs, we had concerns about how marketeering has taken over the world of politics. It’s no longer good enough to say what you beilieve; politicians now have to ‘segment the market’ and ‘sell’ their ideas . . . . Where will it end? I’ve found a book which really looks at this aspect full in the face: it’s called “Affluenza” by Oliver James. I’m sure you’d find it really thought provoking.

    My ‘bottom line’ is that I belive that we don’t believe we make the world a better place by behaving as if it’s other than it is.

    So great blog, and thanks for being such a beacon of clarity.


  6. raft3r
    July 27, 2008

    greetings from Virginia!!!

  7. TheNorEaster
    July 27, 2008

    That was very well-written story, Sherma. It demonstrates, to me, that we see the world as want to, not as it is–regardless of how much we have or what others try to do for us.

    This is an excellent parable, said the novelist.

  8. brainteaser
    July 27, 2008

    Hello Friends! So sorry for the late reply. Will explain in another post.

    SONNET! Girl, kaloka, di ko alam yan! Waaaaa! Di na me nakakapanood ng anu-ano. (I assumed it’s something shown on TV. Right? Wrong? Hmp, kaloka talaga ako ever!)

    VF! Groping? Ano ako, lola? Waaaa!

    TOTALTRANSFORMATION. Hey friend. I’m glad you haven’t heard it before. Imagine how sad I’d be if someone else had written something like this before (theme, topic). I may have to unpublish my work. 😉

    GRAHAM! Hi friend. Beacon of clarity? I wish, my friend. 😉

    RAFT3R! Hey, Virginia? Kelan lang, nasa ibang state ka? Whew! Friend, you really should take good photos and consider writing travel articles. 🙂 Seriously!

    NOR! Wazzup? Well said, my friend. And thank you. Very much. 🙂

  9. sonnetshaven
    July 28, 2008

    Naku you don’t watch the Kapuso networik, hmp!:) On second thought, ok lang coz I hardly tuned in to this network before, ngayon lang naman kasi call of duty. Client namin eh, hehehe:)

  10. sonnetshaven
    July 28, 2008

    Thank you for that virtualfriend and because you helped me promote VCO, I’m giving you a free VCO bar for every purchase of five:)

  11. virtualfriend
    July 28, 2008

    Yehey! Thanks Tonette. ‘Am not sure tho kung papayag yung isa. Will make the difference too obvious –cafe vs leche? hmmm.

    tingnan natin kung anong sasabihin ni Ms. Cafe hehehe!

  12. Jeff Goins
    July 31, 2008

    Thanks for linking to Wrecked for the Ordinary! How’d you find us?

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