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Knocking on Your Door

I keep hearing people complain of lack of opportunities. I wonder if it’s true. I also wonder what Opportunity would say if he could talk and reason out why he doesn’t present himself to us. Here’s what I think he’d say (or write).

Dear Humanity,


I passed you by again today. I was expecting you’d grab me when you see me. But you didn’t. I don’t understand. I mean, each day, you keep asking for me to show up. You keep wishing for me to knock on your door. But when I do, you wouldn’t open it up for me, or you’d hesitate to invite me in. At times, you’d even completely ignore me.

I hope you realize that there are others who’d be glad to see me, readily embrace me, and throw caution to the wind just to have me. Many even actively search for me. But you… why are you so apprehensive to let me in?

This is the last time I’d knock on your door. I wish you’d invite me in this time. I’m extremely busy; I can’t keep coming back to someone who’d just ignore me.

Usually, I knock on one’s door only once. But just for now, I’m willing to give you another chance. I hope you’d do the right thing this time. 



Opportunity .

P.S. Please stop whining about how I’ve never presented myself to you. Because I did. Many times. You just weren’t ready to have me.

//Sherma E. BenosaSeptember 2005.


4 comments on “Knocking on Your Door

  1. Phantom
    March 8, 2008

    Wow. ‘Atta page! Your musings and essays are provocative and inspiring at the same time. All well-written.

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  3. brainteaser
    March 9, 2008

    Hello Phantom!
    Thank you for that generous comment.

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